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Olympicycle "The Bicycle Shop" for Sales, Tours, Hire and Repairs please go to button on top right corner for more information about the topic you are after.

We are an independent bicycle shop and have no affiliation with any other bicycle shop, We are also the oldest bicycle shop in Goulburn and we welcome You to our web-site,

Olympicycle is an all round bicycle shop. We cover all bikes be it MTB, Road, Triathlon, BMX, and Commuter,  add to all that the fact that we design and manufacture for people with physical limitations.

We also Hire bicycles and fitness equipment and run Bicycle and Mystery tours. So maybe you can save time and money by coming straight to us.

We do give You the customer the best service at the best possible price .

If you are looking for a bicycle shop that will try that much harder to serve you give us a call.

We will also answer any question to the best of our ability so ask away, to contact us please follow this link  and if that does not work try

Please enjoy your Visit and thank you

Proprietors Alba and Paul Agius

Here we want to mention Action foundation. This is our own charity and would like people to simply drop in and put some money into our Bucket. All money will be going to  put a smile on sick kids faces next Christmas. So You know were we are. Olympicycle also has a variety of stock including second hand bikes that when sold all money goes to Action Foundation. Do you want to be a Special Someone?  Click on the Image to find out more about Action Foundation or Come on up to Blue Hills and make a difference. Click on the Logo / image below to go to the Action Foundation Shop.


Do yourself a favour buy from a real bicycle shop

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I know everyone is always looking for a better price but "Price does not equal Value" so look at the Value in everything we sell and that includes our Labour charges. Just remember that these are fixed prices and do not change because a nut is ceased etc. So we only charge you that amount for the job regardless how long it takes. Just Click on the link below for all the prices.

The amazing part is that we cannot put all the stock we have on our website shop so if there is anything you cannot find please contact us with your request and we will try our hardest to find it for you.

My knees hurt so I am getting a bike from Olympicycle and  I will stop pounding the pavement"


Above Me with shirt on in front of our shop in Goulburn

The group has only 4 rules: 1 wear a bright coloured top, 2 bring a road worthy bicycle. 3. Wear a helmet and gloves. 4. Be self sufficient.

So all you need do is turn up and enjoy the ride.

To find out what this social riding group is doing go to or click on the button below.



Today is the 9/9/14 and Here is a bit of History me wearing a shirt with the older names for Olympicycle which were "Bikecentenial Hire" and "Homebush Bay Cycles". this was at least 20 years ago. I found the shirt at the bottom of the wardrobe this morning.


Hi Everyone,

This is a message that needs to be said and it might not make us popular but we hope that some sense comes back to our industry.

 1.     We do not PAD our prices so if asked to we cannot give you a discount??? We price our goods at a Fair percentage and have done so for more than 25 years.

2.     We will not sell you anything you do not need or want. The decision is yours to make we only give you honest information about the product you choose.

3.      There is a lot of huha going on about brands of bicycles etc. A lot of brands are actually made in the same factory.

4.      We would love to actually repair or service your bike than sell you a new one as that is more environmentally friendly.

5.       Some bicycle shops are expensive and are trying to force shops like ours to put our price up. We will not do it as we believe you deserve a sensible price.