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Olympicycle "The Bicycle Shop" for Sales, Tours, Hire and Repairs please go to button on top right corner for more information about the topic you are after.

Olympicycle has been in Goulburn for 20 years before that we were at Homebush bay below are a historical photos about this bicycle shop.

Olympicycle is at 72 Combermere street Goulburn and the owners are Alba and Paul Agius please feel free to come in if you have your questions answered.

I know everyone is always looking for a better price but "Price does not equal Value" so look at the Value in everything we sell and that includes our Labour charges. Just remember that these are fixed prices and do not change because a nut is ceased etc. So we only charge you that amount for the job regardless how long it takes. Just Click on the link below for all the prices.

Do yourself a favour buy from a real bicycle shop

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Sam keeps hurting his knees

My knees hurt so I am getting a bike from Olympicycle and  I

will stop pounding the pavement"

I am making more space on this website so you can see more stuff on sale. Please email me if you are interested in any of the stock as I would like to give you the same experience on this site as you would get by visiting our shop. Mail and delivery extra.


Today is the 9/9/14 and Here is a bit of History, That is me wearing a shirt with the older names for Olympicycle which were "Bikecentenial Hire" and "Homebush Bay Cycles". This was at least 20 years ago. I found the shirt at the bottom of the wardrobe this morning.


Above Me with shirt on in front of our shop in Goulburn